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We live and breathe the outdoors, and have done so for over 40 years, and we are excited to have you join one of our trips where you’ll not only have the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll become part of the family.

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With a special focus on the environment, our tours are packed with knowledge gained from years of experience in the field. Our tours include local half-day trips, extended inter-Africa tours, and everything in between, including tailor-made itineraries to suit you. 
‚ÄčThere is no better way to get to see the little things as with people who know where to look for it.

Birding & Eco Tours

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides have a great love for nature and all in it, and these trips are sure to be a special adventure.


Explore all the destinations we travel to, and find a destination you fancy.

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Where to watch birds in Prince Albert

This book is a wonderful guide to birding in the Prince Albert area and maps out all the surrounding routes and what birds to look out for where. A must have for the avid birder.